Le mot C

Things are developing here at Le Château faster than I can write. I had an entirely different entry ready to post today, but I have had to make changes following recent events. Please feel free to mute us (if, indeed, that is a thing on WordPress) or to unfollow if the updates become a nuisance, but it really helps me in terms of record-keeping to write and post in real time about Louis Catorze’s health.

Yesterday, when we came home from a day out, Cat Daddy and I noticed that Catorze’s face was a little redder, but not alarmingly so. However, in the couple of hours after our return, he disappeared off to scratch himself to smithereens and reappeared looking like the victim of an acid attack. So we took another trip to see the vet.

Although we had initially said no to repeating the steroid shot in case it exacerbated any fungal infection, the vet felt that this level of deterioration was unlikely to be of fungal origin. In any case our priority was definitely to control the itching, so we went ahead with the second shot. Once again Catorze went stark raving psycho, screaming bloody murder and scratching both Cat Daddy and the nurse (not the same lady that he scratched before, and I can’t decide whether this is good because he hasn’t made the same person suffer twice, or bad because he’s doubled his victim count in the space of a few days).

Anyway, he is now under house arrest and we have had to deploy Le Cône. I really didn’t want to have to do this, but we haven’t had much choice; as he clearly can’t be trusted not to scratch, if we were to leave him sans Cône he would pretty soon have no face or ears left.

The saddest thing about him being Côned is that he doesn’t become skittish or aggressive around us but wearily compliant, like a prisoner of war so broken down that he finally resigns himself to his fate. He is more affectionate and needy than usual, presumably because not being able to fully see around him makes him uneasy and therefore he needs to be near us to feel safe.

I wish we could make him understand that he will always be safe with us.

“Je déteste Le Cône.”

25 thoughts on “Le mot C

    1. Thank you! I am just about managing to push on through work today although I might need a nap at lunchtime! 😩


  1. It is a sad thing to deal with, this fur pals not understanding what we’re doing for them will make them better. I have a kitty with high blood pressure (!) that is very uncooperative at medicine time. I suspect the process of giving him medicine contributes to his blood pressure issue.

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    1. It’s very stressful indeed, especially as we were doing everything right (or so we thought). I’ve had an awful night with the little sod. He just wasn’t able to settle unless he was in physical contact with me, plus he couldn’t get comfortable so he was shuffling around on top of me all night. I feel utterly ravaged today. 😩


        1. Thank you so much! I wish you could meet the little sod sometime, as I wish I could meet yours, although it’s as if we know them intimately, isn’t it?


  2. It’s bizarre how it has come out of nowhere. But he couldn’t be with better hoomans; he has the best chance of the right treatment (whatever that may be) with you two. I’m sure in his own psycho kitty way he knows how much he is loved. Awaiting next update and hoping for better news xxxx

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    1. It’s very bizarre indeed. We are at a loss, and I fear that the next step will be more tests but I know they will come back all clear. 😢


  3. Maybe le cone limits his senses and that is the only reason he is going slower (visibly looking compliant).
    Hope you get to the bottom of this.
    I love your writing and whilst a serious subject you still make me giggle.

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    1. I think that’s definitely it. He can’t fully rely on his senses so he clings to us because it’s either us or nothing. 😢


    1. Thank you! The vet thinks it’s an allergy, but we have never been able to identify the offending substances. Tests just come back all clear. 😐

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  4. So sorry this has come back again….with no real idea of what is causing this. As said before on here….you and CD are being the perfect parents and will always see he gets the best care. His medical file must be enormous by now! Big headbumps from my two

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  5. So very sorry about Catorze’s problems (it’s sometimes harder on the humans seeing their fur kids suffer!) and the cone of shame….when The Tribe saw poor Catorze’s photo they screeched and ran away from the computer. Praying the poor guy heals soon and that he’s back to his sassy self and that you and Cat Daddy get some relief from worry.
    Anita, the Purrsonal Assistant and General Lackey of The Tribe at Feline Opines

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