Que Dieu ait son âme

I am taking a break from Le Château this weekend, leaving Boys’ Club to itself – Cat Daddy has assured me that he will “try to remember” to feed and water Louis Catorze – and I have escaped to the south coast for my annual Halloweekend celebration with my sister and her family.

It’s a tradition that we started some years ago and still continue to this day, and this time I am lucky enough to be a guest in their lovely town house overlooking the sea. My sister doesn’t have any cats but she does have a homicidal Hitchcock-esque seagull, easily big enough to carry off Catorze should it feel so inclined, who lives on her roof and who dive-bombs passers-by every now and again. So I haven’t entirely escaped from unhinged animals who want to kill me.

To help us decide what to do this weekend, we have been taking inspiration from Tina Brown’s book “Haunted Experiences in Hastings and Beyond”. The last chapter is entitled “Ghostly Animals” and, would you believe, it turns out that they’re all cats. Every. Last. One.

Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs: it seems that, whilst other animals have got the hang of the whole resting in peace thing, cats haven’t (or don’t want to). Even death is not enough to stop the little sods from driving us round the bend. I am shocked but not the slightest bit surprised.

Do you have any scary cat stories? Have you encountered any ghost cats, or have your living cats ever freaked you out with their kitty ESP, their spirit-spotting capabilities or their general creepiness? If so, I would love to hear all about it.

4 thoughts on “Que Dieu ait son âme

  1. 1. Scary seagull story: I just moved to the south coast, and last week a seagull stole a Greggs vegan sausage roll out of my mouth. Not kidding.
    2. Scary cat story: I was once at a friend’s house and she had two cats. As we chatted, I felt one of them twining around my ankles (as they do). I reached down casually for a stroke, but hit air. Reached down again, then looked, and there was nothing there. Neither of her cats were in the house. Apparently I went dead white; I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’m 100% sure of what I felt. My friend said she’d often felt the presence of another cat there, and thought it seemed friendly.

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  2. Yesterday evening my wife and I heard what sounded like a cat playing with a toy mouse outside the bedroom door. We heard that while all the cats were on the bed with us. I got up to investigate but saw nothing.

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