Creuser sa propre tombe

We have a Code Rouge situation at Le Château: SOMEONE HAS BEEN DIGGING AROUND AMONG THE SEDUMS. Although we have no actual proof, a certain suspect ticks all the boxes in terms of past history (he did the same thing to Cat Daddy’s chilli and strawberry plants), motive (generally being a shite) and opportunity (multiple escapes at The Front since we installed the planter).

I suppose we should be trying to find a solution, but the truth is that we’re utterly defenceless against the little sod’s sorcery, i.e. Cloak of Invisibility, teleportation, astral projection or whatever the heck he does to get past us and breach the security perimeters of Le Château.

The one thing saving Louis Catorze’s royal arse at the moment is the fact that this is only a Code Rouge and not a Code Brun. (At least we hope not; we daren’t poke around in the soil to find out.)

Please see below for the evidence discovered by Cat Daddy. Any advice on how to deal with the Dark Lord and his forces of evil would be much appreciated.

13 thoughts on “Creuser sa propre tombe

  1. Once, while deep digging a border flower bed to be sure I could clear out all invasive grass and weeds, I created a lovely patch of loose soil I planned to plant in blueberries and flowers. I had a little visitor, though. Woodie, the neighbor;s grey tabby stopped by. Right in front of me, he prepared his own little hole to plant a contribution to my new bed! I grabbed his tail when his plan became known. He looked surprised, then ran off to another spot to poop. I’m sure there isn’t a cat alive that can resist freshly turned soil!

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  2. Bells. ALL OF THE BELLS. On his majesty’s collar, on any door and windows he might be using (a la booby traps), on strings stretched over the garden paths. ALL OF THE BELLS EVERYWHERE.

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        1. I am picturing the little sod becoming tangled in them and taking off through the neighbourhood, jingling all the way and annoying everyone more than he already does.

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  3. We had this problem with the local cats in our front beds. Our 3 always come in for their ablutions!
    We bought a bag of small (couple of inches long) flat pieces of slate from the garden centre. Tucked around the plants & covering the exposed soil prevented the cats being attracted. The plants grow over them so don’t look too obvious after a while. When you need to replant they’re easy enough to gather up & reuse.
    Love reading the exploits of San Maj, thank you for sharing them!
    Barbara x

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    1. Ooh, now that’s not a bad idea. We were thinking of that kind of slate anyway to scatter over the hideous concrete at The Front, so it would be easy to reserve a few bits for the planter. Merci! 🌞👑


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