La coiffure du Roi

Louis Catorze is in full-on moult mode which, of course, means we have to brush him at least once a day, more if possible. And you know how vile he is when being brushed. 

The screaming is pretty awful but I am now used to it. What’s more daunting is the sheer never-endingness of the task, with handfuls of fur coming out with each session. If I were to carry on forever, at some stage I would have no cat left, just a pair of fangs and a handful of bald, quivering flesh. And yet the fur keeps coming. It defies every law of science that a cat can keep losing fur indefinitely and not run out. 

I have started brushing him the wrong way first (i.e. tail to head) to loosen any crud, before then doing it the right way. This is quite effective but he really doesn’t like it at all, and it makes him look as if he has been tumble-dried. On one recent occasion he kicked free of the Stranglehold of Death and escaped outside, before I had managed the rectifying right-way brush, and he didn’t look anything like a cat nor, indeed, like any creature identifiable by zoology. 

Cat Daddy: “What. Have. You. DONE?”

Sa Maj will be turning 9 at the end of the month. Something tells me that the Birthday Fairy may be delivering him some much-needed fancy new grooming-related apparatus, as I think that trying to tackle the problem with his existing brush is like trying to stem a tsunami with a sheet of blotting paper*. 

*Younger followers: ask your parents. 


11 thoughts on “La coiffure du Roi

    1. I think I got lucky with the camera angle, but in reality he’s looking pretty sheddy and awful. I’ve never known a cat to moult like this!

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    1. That sounds great, thank you! I am thinking of 2 x brushes for Sa Maj: The FURminator for more intensive work, and something else for a lighter massage.


    1. Can you even get blotting paper anymore? I crave it, too, mainly because I hold my pen in the same way that a left-hander does and end up with a lot of smudged ink!


  1. I use a shedding blade, which is toothed, on my Shire. He’s still shedding piles of white hair. The other side of a shedding blade is a scraper, used to pull water out of a newly bathed horse’s coat. I don’t suppose cat-sized grooming tools like this can be found, but it sounds like you need one.

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