Ce n’est qu’un au revoir, Mon Roi

Cat Daddy and I are going on holiday today, so Le Blog will be taking a bit of a break. And, naturellement, we will be leaving Louis Catorze in very capable hands during our absence. 

Équipe Une, who will be living with Sa Majesté during the first half of our break, will be the same French friend who took care of the little sod last year (and who, inexplicably, is happy to come back). Équipe Deux, for the second half, will be another friend who is an excellent, experienced cat-sitter but who has occasionally been run ragged by her charges with hunting incidents, veterinary emergencies, cheeky feral impingers who sneak in and pretend to be part of the household, and suchlike. So we are hoping and praying that Le Roi will behave and not add himself to her blacklist of problem cats. 

And, yes: the moment I typed those words, I suddenly had a feeling of dread. Darkening skies, circling ravens, the distant rumble of thunder, and so on. 

He will be good, won’t he? 

46 thoughts on “Ce n’est qu’un au revoir, Mon Roi

  1. What lovely photos! Btw I just noticed you somehow followed our old blog on the .wordpress.com domain? Could you let me know how you found that blog to follow as I’m battling with WordPress as to why we keep getting followers there instead of on the actual blog. :/

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      1. Hmmmm does it show Katzenworld.wordpress.com next to my name? 😱 it should show Katzenworld.co.uk if it doesn’t could you take a screenshot for me so I can send it to WordPress for investigation? 😹


          1. Thanks! I might have solved the mystery… if you could let me know what my profile now looks like / what happens when you click on the link next to my name that would be awesome. 🙂


            1. Darn :/ I noticed that on my reader app sites the old and new page both claimed it was using Katzenworld.co.uk so I removed the redirect on the WordPress domain to see if that fixes it. >.<


            2. No, I’m using the app for iPhone. I might see if it’s due an update … gimme a minute …


            3. thanks so much for your help! 🙂 I think we are getting somewhere with this now. 😮 You may need to close and re-open the app and it should hopefully look correct now


            4. X.x trying a few other bits and pieces. Seems ever since I migrated on a selfhosted enciroment it’s somehow got the WordPress reader app confused.


            5. Ok we’ve tried something else now. Could you restart the app and have a look at my profile name? Fingers crossed it says just Katzenworld now and when you click on it you should see a post of Oliver and Nubia as the most recent post. 😮


            6. That’s so kind of you, but you don’t need to do that! You have already been very kind to him, sending him a Cône when he wasn’t well. Plus I did all the work. He did shit all. 😆

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            7. Haha! When you deserve some tea and English biscuits. Trust me this issue has been driving me insane for six months and without your screenshot and the iOS app info probably would have taken longer to pinpoint it. 🙂

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            8. Glad I could help! And, whilst I was helping, Le Roi decided that it wasn’t quite warm enough today and sunbathed in the greenhouse. He’s just emerged and is hotter than molten metal.

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            9. No, it’s only 31 degrees. Yesterday was hotter at 35 degrees. Obviously he didn’t go in then, because that would have been silly. 😆

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            10. They are cats haha. Btw… could you do me one more favour. We just had a cartoon post go live 20 minutes ago. Does that show up in your reader in your “followed sites stream”? Hoping all issues are fixed now. 🤔


    1. It’s not just you! He does have huge teeth & his upper canines protrude even when his mouth is closed, just like that black vampire cat whose video everyone shares on Facebook.

      He is a real treat at Halloween & the kids who visit us LOVE seeing our black vampire kitty! 🧛‍♂️

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