Je braille, donc je suis

What a wild few weeks it has been at Le Château. La belle France have come out on top, with even Oscar the dog’s daddy putting money on them. Louis Catorze has had an unrelenting whirlwind of attention from visiting football fans. And, best of all, he has displayed some razor-sharp match predictions, which has been a poke in the eye for cynical, doubting Cat Daddy.

Sa Majesté has even correctly indicated some of the finer details of matches which were not apparent during the prediction, but which later became clear as they played out; after agonising for ages about the butterfly (see previous entry) and what it could possibly signify, and even wondering if it could be a streaker, I now see that this was the pitch invasion by the aptly-named Pussy Riot.

Now that the excitement of the football is over, Louis Catorze is back to screaming. He just won’t shut up, and Cat Daddy said the other day that it was “getting him down”. 

He screams before we get up. He screams when we get up. He screams when we’re just watching TV and minding our own business. And, not long ago, when we arrived home from work (and he had escaped out at The Front), he greeted us in the street with such gut-wrenching screaming that we hid in the car because we were so embarrassed. Yes, it was mortifying beyond belief. And, yes, we got it on video (available on request, and screen shots of which are shown here). 

Nothing whatsoever is wrong; the little sod just likes screaming. We don’t, but then he has never concerned himself with what we like or want, and I don’t suppose he is going to start now. 

As a child, when I did a first aid course, I recall the teacher telling me that silent casualties were to be dealt with more urgently than screaming ones, because “if they’re screaming, it means they’re alive and breathing”. Le Roi certainly is. And, given the sad little thing he was when he first came to live here (sleeping all the time, barely interacting with us), I guess this is a good thing. 

So we’re just going to let him enjoy being healthy and happy. And possibly also buy earplugs. 

12 thoughts on “Je braille, donc je suis

  1. I see Louis compounded the embarrassment by shamelessly screaming at you whilst pointing out your car to any passerby / neighbours (just in case they were not aware of your cat staff status) 🤣

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  2. We, Colette and Simone have taken great care in instructing our human as to what will be tolerated by the felines in charge. She obeys and problems are averted… 😉 Alas, she still hasn’t found us that little brother yet. The refuge in the area just seems to be without kittens. We even have a name for him so he needs to come home. 🙂

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    1. I can’t post videos here, unfortunately, and I don’t know how to do all that YouTubing stuff. If you reply with your email address – I won’t approve the message, so that way the world and his cat won’t get to see it – I can send it to you! 🌞👑

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    1. Haha! If you’d like to see it, please reply with your email address. (To keep your email private I won’t approve the comment; I’ll just send you the video!)


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