Le mal que les chats font

Yesterday I pinged my calf muscle whilst running across the road to catch the bus. (The urban legend is true, Mesdames: ultra-flat ballet pumps really are worse than heels due to their lack of support.) Cat Daddy has been showing his support by cooking for me and bringing me ice packs and cheer-up champagne. Louis Catorze showed his support by bringing me a dead bird at 4:45 this morning.

I was jolted awake by the sound of his screaming, in particular because it didn’t sound like his usual voice. I thought he might be hurt, especially as I had heard noises yesterday afternoon which sounded just like gunshots. (We don’t live in that kind of neighbourhood, but Cat Daddy said that he could very well imagine one of our neighbours finally snapping and losing it with Catorze.) However, it soon became apparent that the screaming was different because the little sod had something stuffed in his mouth. 

Our previous cat, Luther, was able to purr even with a mouse in his mouth, my hands around his throat and my knee digging into his back. But Catorze’s ability to scream through a mouthful of dead animal has shocked me to the core.

I bounded out of bed to wrestle whatever it was from him, forgetting completely about my calf muscle. As I toppled, winced and steadied myself, Catorze dropped his prey and I was able to lurch towards him and drag him away. I then saw that it was a tiny baby bird and, thanks to the bastard cat, I now know what baby bird ribs look like. This is not something I ever thought I would know, nor do I ever wish to see such a thing again. 

Cat Daddy rolled over sleepily and asked if he could help. I told him that I was fine but, in the time it took me to hobble to the bathroom for some tissue in which to wrap the bird, bad Catorze had picked it up again and chewed off the little remaining flesh. I then realised that I wouldn’t be able to manage this on my own, so Cat Daddy had to don his dressing gown and deposit the poor bird in the park bin opposite our house.

This bin has become the final resting place for many of Catorze’s victims, and I hope it’s not the same person who empties it each time and who wonders why someone is throwing away so much wildlife.

Cat Daddy was able to fall asleep not long after returning from the park. I, however, am still awake, and have written off all thoughts of sleep. Somehow it seems more productive to sit in front of the TV and document this tragic incident than to lie in bed, clock-watching and cursing this horrid cat.

And the little sod is curled up on my lap without a care in the world. 


6 thoughts on “Le mal que les chats font

  1. oh dear. i have noticed my new furkid Kasper has made a toy of a woolly knitted mouse but carries it around and bats it about. hence i feel he has in his 7 year past been out and dealt with prey of a live kind. however, he now has the run of the house and 21 sq metres of catio to play in. the catio is work in progress with flowers and tree bits and plants being added and an area of covered over in case of rain etc etc. Tomas, three and a half i feel the half is very important, who was stgray and not long ago neutered only appears to want to kill visiting felines. which he can’t reach due to the netting. so i feel for you Nemone. nb if my maths is correct it’s just over 59 metres cubed. will obviously have to build upwards as well…..

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    1. Merci! He really hasn’t helped, has he? And, to add insult to injury, he’s been flat out all day, clearly exhausted after his wild night of birding. I’ve not had the chance to sleep at all. 😡

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  2. We heard the gun shots as well!

    Never fear, all was revealed when the tallest teenager looked out if his bedroom window to spot school staff preparing the starter pistol for sports day…
    *We don’t live in that kind of neighbourhood*

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    1. Ha! I am so looking forward to telling Cat Daddy this. He said I had imagined it, then said, “It must have been builders dropping something.” Although his first guess was a neighbour trying to do away with Catorze … 😳

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