Le Syndrome de Münchhausen

Cat Daddy and I had lots to do yesterday, with an event going on in our town and the pair of us having offered to help. So, naturellement, Louis Catorze thought this would be a good time to get a mysterious, tick-like foreign body attached to la personne royale. 


Whatever it was was stuck fast to him and wouldn’t budge, despite his efforts to groom it off and my efforts to restrain him (you can guess how THAT went) and pick it off. Eventually I managed to sneak a couple of photos whilst he slept and I e-mailed them to the vet, who asked me to bring in the little sod just to be sure. Cat Daddy, having wound himself up at the thought of Catorze contracting Lyme disease (no idea what this is) and passing it onto us (no idea if this is even possible), agreed. 

Whilst he shopped for the things we needed for the town event, I took the screaming bag of fur to the vet. And, oh my goodness: the screaming on the journey was off the scale, with each note held for longer than the last and my eardrums throbbing and bleeding by the time we got there.

After all that, the vet told me that it was not a tick but some sort of clingy crud stuck to Catorze’s fur. And he was able to pick it off in a few seconds, with Catorze being noisy but relatively compliant throughout (whereas he had screamed and fought like an exorcism gone badly wrong when I had tried to just LOOK). The vet very kindly didn’t charge me for the consultation, obviously realising that the embarrassment was quite enough without me having to also lose money, and I skulked home, red-faced and ashamed. This time, c’était le silence total from the once-screaming bag of fur. 

So, to conclude: 

  1. Louis Catorze has neither ticks nor Lyme disease
  2. Somehow *I* have come out of this looking like the time-wasting, over-reactive cat freak, despite Cat Daddy being the one who started the whole Lyme disease thing
  3. I have a new “I can never face the vet again” story to add to my already-extensive list 

Cat Daddy: “I KNEW it wasn’t a tick. And, besides, Lyme disease attacks the brain, so Louis would have been pretty safe.”

8 thoughts on “Le Syndrome de Münchhausen

  1. Ok, ok, I have a story too. When I was a child we didn’t have ticks where we lived. Fast forward to when I was an adult with two cats living in another city. One cat was developing small “tumors.” There were more every day. Frightened, I called the vet who had me came in. He laughed his head off as he explained what ticks are and showed me how to pick them off. Live and learn.

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    1. Oh my! I guess you always have to check, don’t you, because the one time that you don’t check, that’s when it will be something bad. 😯

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  2. My daughter frequently got gum in her hair as a young child. The only thing that worked consistently was Peanut Butter. Massage it in and the offending gum was out. 😉

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    1. The difference there is that she probably wanted the gum out! Le Roi did not want this object/substance out. Until the (male) vet did it. Then he was happy for it to come out! 🙄

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