Rien ne sert de courir

And behold: Phase Trois is under way!

I never thought this day would come – mainly because I imagined I would have throttled the little sod long before we reached this point – but we have a carefully-calibrated* 6:4** ratio of Acana Pacifica to Lily’s Kitchen Fabulous Fish. AND LOUIS CATORZE IS EATING IT. 

*(Too much Lily’s Kitchen accidentally tipped in)

**(Was meant to be 7:3 – see above)

When I began Phase Une I bought only the smallest pack of Lily’s Kitchen Fabulous Fish, for fear of Catorze rejecting it. But now I have been able to buy the largest and best-value size, safe in the knowledge that it won’t go to waste AND that I can just toss the packaging into our compost. What’s more, we were able to walk to Pets at Home and carry it home (on the hottest afternoon of the week, with poor Cat Daddy as the load-bearing packhorse) rather than ordering online and having it arrive in cardboard, bubble wrap or, worse, those awful polystyrene Wotsit things that won’t be recycled and that spread everywhere like an STD of the parcel world. 

(Cat Daddy wanted to know why I was writing about STDs in a cat blog but, as he hates the polystyrene Wotsits as much as I do, he will understand when he reads this.)

I was also about to say that we have successfully avoided activating the puke switch so far, due to the gradual transition, but things are already going unsettlingly well and I daren’t tempt fate. So I shall avoid any talk of the puke switch. NOBODY MENTION THE PUKE SWITCH.

Phew. I think I just about saved myself there.

12 thoughts on “Rien ne sert de courir

  1. He is such a monumental presence, not just for you and the CD, but for all who love him. And even with his outsized personality, he looks so petit in this photo, strength and majesty compressed waiting to be released. xo

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  2. I can’t get over how healthy and meaty he looks these days. You’ve done such a wonderful job with him, and I’m sure in his own unique way, he is grateful!

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    1. Merci! Healthy & meaty! 😊 We are so pleased with his condition at the moment. Now we need to work on his personality. 😳


  3. On behalf of felines all over we say thank you for going the distance with your fur kid! We loved the photo, he looks healthy, happy and definitely in charge. Oh, and as regards the “puke switch” it’s triggered frequently at our house and you can imagine that chaos with 5 of us! The Humans have no wall to wall carpeting om the house but we do manage to find the nearest area rug and make our deposit there.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto and The Tribe of Five

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    1. Merci, Alberto et al! If you read back over the months & years (you’d have to have a LOT of time on your hands) you’d see that Sa Maj has had some bad times indeed regarding his health. So a super-slow & steady change will pay dividends! 😊

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