Le cadeau de bonne chance

I started a new job on Wednesday. It’s a job that I have wanted ever since I set eyes on the ad, and I poured every fibre of my being into both my application and the interview to make sure they were as good as they could possibly be.

Cat Daddy knew that I would have a fitful night’s sleep on Tuesday due to nerves and excitement, so he showed his support by making me a relaxing cup of teapigs Snooze tea before bed and wishing me luck.

Louis Catorze gave zero shits about my sleep, so he showed his “support” by bringing a mouse to the bedroom and gadding about with it like an idiot at 3:45 in the morning.

I awoke to the sound of unspecified scrabbling around, and knew immediately that Catorze was up to no good. I switched the light on and saw, to my relief, that it was a mouse and not a rat, and that it was dead, so I got out of bed to fetch a piece of tissue in which to wrap it. However, because it was raining outside, and because the little sod and the mouse had been rolling their gross, drenched bodies around the room, the floor was wet … so over I went, landing in a mangled heap and jarring my ankle when it walloped the bedside table leg.

Of course, having hobbled to the bathroom for tissue, wrapped up the mouse, disposed of it and hobbled back to bed again, I was then wide awake, remaining that way until sunrise, and I went to my first day at my new job feeling utterly ravaged and angry with the world. Cat Daddy, on the other hand, slept through the entire thing, and went to work daisy-fresh.

On a completely unrelated matter, I know of a small, toothy, black cat up for adoption. Free to a good home – or even a below-average home, if anyone will have him.


12 thoughts on “Le cadeau de bonne chance

  1. Oh, quel malheur! Maybe I can squeeze him in my backpack…..Maya will teach him some manners and he’ll only hunt ghekos….and of course won’t find any when he gets back! Would that suit you?….a bit like boot camp for cats

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  2. I’m sure Bilbo Baggins and Jenny Cat would him manners if he came here. Tabbi Kat would probably just ignore him.

    Outside there is the ginger and white impinger too.

    Yep. He’d have plenty of furballs to teach him manners.

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  3. Hope the day went well for you in spite of it all…you are an exceptional and exemplary shaper of those lives that surround you. I’m sure you will flourish.

    I love the photo of that little merde, he looks so innocent and loveable. He must be a master at looking wonderful when the need arises. xo

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