J’adore le parc


I’m now over halfway through my post-surgery recovery, and things been quite hard as the fog of the anaesthetic has worn off and the realisation has dawned of what lies ahead: in other words, at least another fortnight of not fully being able to what I want, and being mostly stuck at home with a cat who couldn’t care less whether I live or die.

I’ve had a few dark moments when I have wished Luther were still here, because he was the perfect nursemaid when I was ill: instinctively knowing, caring and not leaving my side. I’ve felt a little sad wondering how I could have gone from that to this, yet also resigned to the fact that there is nothing I can do about it because Luther isn’t here anymore, and Louis Catorze is.

Yesterday afternoon Cat Daddy took me for my daily, medically-prescribed walk to the park across the road from Le Château; we have often talked about how Luther would have claimed it within a few days had we moved here with him, whereas Catorze has shown zero interest during the whole year that we’ve been here. However, this time the little sod shocked us senseless by deciding to come with us.

Although he didn’t vanish off into the farthest corner, as Luther would have done, for a short while it was like having Luther back with us. Louis Catorze hung close to the bench where we sat, yelling and sniffing, retreating home only upon the arrival of a menacing gang (an elderly couple) and their status dog (a tiny but very angry bichon frisé). And, when we got back, he even spent some time on my lap, in my favourite pose: with his torso and paws on me, and the less desirable arse end well away from my body.

Luther very often gives his little brother a beyond-the-grave kick up the arse when appropriate, and I really did need this one. I hope Catorze continues to remember that he likes me, even though I will only ever be, at best, his second favourite human.

4 thoughts on “J’adore le parc

  1. That certainly had to be Luther visiting you through Catorze 🙂 I’m glad you could enjoy that moment–perhaps Catorze will embrace a little bit of Luther’s compassion and be a better nursemaid to you now.

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  2. I’m sorry for the sadness this post depicts dear friend. There is a confluence of circumstances that makes it understandable of course, and I do hope for a recoverers that’s much better than normal for you. You have lavished love and care on Louis, doing more than most mortals would care to administer, so the seeming unrequited quid pro quo must hurt indeed. What gives me a feeling counter than what you’re going through is the thought of what Le Roi must be like now without your determined devotion. You truly are one of the good ones—I hope the little bugger will come to that realization as well. xo

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  3. I do understand. I have rescued cats over the years and once nicely settled in, the little bandits lavished all their affection on my husband. I became the maid who filled the bowls and open and close door to the garden. A dog would be eternally grateful, but cats are cats, and that is that…

    Happy Day to you and Louis Catorze, the little monster!

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