Vive l’indifférence


It’s been just over a week since my surgery, and what a week it’s been. We’ve had some British Wimbledon wins, a French football failure, and Louis Catorze is still fiercely waging his campaign of apathy towards me.

He’s not unhappy, nor is he descending into his allergic state (quite the opposite, in fact: it’s been over 2 months since his last steroid shot and he’s still riding high on it). He and I have the odd moment at bedtime when he naps at my feet but, during the day, he steers clear of me. Then, when Cat Daddy comes home, he races to the door to greet him, as if to say, “Merci à Dieu!”

A friend mentioned the fact that he might object to my hospitally smell, in the same way that some cats reject their kittens/buddies when they return from the vet and smell vetty. But, surely, even with my mess of Medusa-like tendrils of hospital hair, he can see that it’s me and not some impostor?

Another friend suggested that Louis Catorze might be so intelligent that he’d figured out that I can’t pick him up or bend to stroke him, so he was thoughtfully saving me the strain of trying by avoiding me. Believe me, it’s not that.

Cat Daddy’s response, when I complained about Catorze’s treachery: “But he’s always liked me better. He isn’t doing anything different now and therefore, technically, hasn’t betrayed you.”

Silence, tumbleweed, crickets. I get the feeling that will be the theme of the next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Vive l’indifférence

  1. I was going to suggest he might understand you’re in pain post-surgery and be avoiding you to save you from accidental stamping, too. It’s also entirely possible he knows you felt betrayed by all the smugness going on while you were away and be avoiding you for fear of retaliation. (I’m not sure how you could retaliate or out-smug a pair like that, but I’m sure you’d find a way. ;D)

    Would it be considered smugness if I rubbed in Louis’ betrayal even more by telling you how KitKat has detected that I’m feeling miserable and, prior to the vet catastrophe last night, was quite sympathetic and even let me curl up around her in her little beat-up box? It’s too warm for me to use my heat pad so she rested her tiny little head on my leg instead and, while I didn’t feel physically any better, I was cheered up no end.


    I hope the boys get a clue sooner rather than later, but I might have a few ideas for revenge if you need them. >D

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  2. Did anyone think to prepare for your return from hospital; rubbing a blanket all over CD, then rubbing it over you on the way home may help next time………

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