Tout était d’or dans le ciel

Today the summer solstice and the full moon combine, which is a very rare occurrence indeed: the last time was in 1948. Louis Catorze’s weirdness seems to heighten during the full moon alone (one (compound) word: BubbleWrapGate), so I am expecting nothing less than Armageddon.

This picture of Louis Catorze shows the exact moment when he realised I was onto him:


The fact that he ate both Dreamies yesterday, thus correctly predicting a draw, whereas I urged people to bet on the opposite of what he said, is just the beginning. I dread to think what is coming next; the prospect of the little sod getting things right is almost too crazy to bear.

Please let me know whether your furry overlords and overladies also play up.

One thought on “Tout était d’or dans le ciel

  1. I wonder if this is why KitKat is acting a bit weird. She’s taken to stowing away under the bed and slinking around close to the ground as if she’s scared, but then reacting normally when people are here (tail-up, butt-up, pet-me-now yelling). I did wonder if it was the weather, and then worried she was sick, but this might explain it better.

    Le Roi definitely looks like he’s up to something there. Plotting your demise, do you think, or just more ways to confound you? XD

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