Les ballons d’or


Cat Daddy says he doesn’t believe me when I tell him that Ginger Impinger is not neutered.

There are two very clear pieces of evidence proving my argument, but he thinks I have imagined them. I was a little insulted at his assumption; I know my balls and I know that GI’s are very much present (although maybe I shouldn’t have said it quite like that to him). But, without photo evidence, and without encouraging GI too close for comfort, I can’t prove that I am right.

I think that Cat Daddy, like a lot of men, feels queasy at the idea of neutering and equates it to castration in human males; whenever I raise the subject of GI and his balls, he crosses his legs and changes the subject. But there’s no escaping the fact that every vet on the planet is in favour of neutering, not only because it keeps down the population of stray cats but also because neutered cats are less likely to wander or fight. They may even be less prone to disease, including certain types of cancer, if neutered.

The thing is that, although neutering a cat is the responsible and humane thing to do, it’s not a legal requirement. Telling GI’s folks to neuter him would be akin to telling a parent how to raise their child (although there are many times when I have wanted to do that, too). Yet he shouldn’t really be out and about with his bits still on; even if he doesn’t happen to meet any unneutered females outdoors, I can well imagine him having the culot to break into houses to seek them out.

So my threefold mission is to somehow find out where the little sod lives, befriend his humans and bring about the subject of neutering in a roundabout yet tactful way. Quel travail.

4 thoughts on “Les ballons d’or

  1. Good luck with that! A few of my carers have unneutered cats and I keep trying to (not so subtly) suggest they get them fixed. Most of them are just so blasé about the whole thing even after I’ve told them how it would benefit them as much as it would the cats — not to mention me telling them how KitKat lost half her litter and almost died herself because she was too young to have kittens. (She was fixed before I adopted her, but she was still very malnourished, enough that the sanctuary mistook her for a short-haired cat when she now very clearly isn’t.) It’s like people just don’t give a damn until it actually affects them. 😦


  2. Could you attach a note to his collar with your phone number or email address…saying something benign that you didn’t want them to worry that he was visiting?

    (I won’t ever relate my own horror story to CD about my own (human) procedure…he might faint and never recover.)


    1. He doesn’t trust us enough to get that close to him. We were trying to discourage him when the cat flap was still accessible but, now that it’s not, I guess we could start trying to be friendly?


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