Le Roi est sale: vive Le Roi!

imageLouis Catorze’s fur is in a dreadful state due to the non-stop rolling in the workmen’s dust and garden soil. It’s not just surface dust that can be easily brushed away; believe me, we’ve tried. Somehow it has penetrated quite deeply and, whilst he looks ok in photos (apart from this one, clearly), when you stroke him he feels gritty, claggy and vile. He doesn’t appear to be aware that he’s gritty, claggy and vile, but then he’s not aware of much.

Cat Daddy thinks he needs a proper wash with water, which could be true. But, if you have followed Le Blog for a while, I think you can probably anticipate how that will end. There’s also the fact that work in Le Jardin is still ongoing so, if we wash him, he’ll only go straight out and roll around in dirt again. The one thing worse than the prospect of washing such a dangerous, psycho cat is the prospect of having to do it twice.

Yet leaving him with filth-drenched fur is not an appealing thought, especially as he has skin problems, and, if he grooms the gritty, claggy, vile fur, it essentially means he will eat the dirt.

So … what do you think? To wash or not to wash?

8 thoughts on “Le Roi est sale: vive Le Roi!

  1. To wash or not to wash, that’s the question 😊. I guess Le Roi would clean up, but not for long. And considering all the trouble to bath 🛀 your majesty, I doubt this will be worth it. Although you never know unless you try … Maybe you can ask your/his vet for a solution, considering Le Roi’s skin problems?

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  2. Oh dear. Maybe garden hose attached to the warm water tap? Hose away the dust and maybe a little of Le Roi will get washed too …

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      1. Try grooming with a white plastic nit comb. Works wonders on my part white cat who revels in rolling in dirt. Also wet wipes sensitive skin type work on the dirt Work for me an my 4 although none of them have his condition


        1. I haven’t tried a comb, but I will. I thought about wet wipes but was worried about him licking afterwards. Whilst he doesn’t over-groom, he does groom A LOT so, really, he should be the cleanest cat in the world. But he’s not

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