Le Roi va bien: vive Le Roi!


C’est un miracle! Imagine our shock when we returned home from an overnight stay at Cat Daddy’s parents’ place and were greeted by a sweet, chirpy, sociable little cat with healing wounds and growing-back fur! (And yes, it was Louis Catorze, although I did have to check and make sure. Pictured are one of his distinguishing features: his chocolate paws with strawberry swirl.)

Whilst I can’t blame Cat Daddy for concluding that maybe our boy is allergic to us and that being away from us has brought about his transformation, I’m a bit less convinced. However, I’m sure it helps that we’ve had a few days of solid torrential rain, which makes the trip to the slightly-cleaner-but-still-Forbidden Greenhouse less appealing, and which also means less dust and pollen in the air. It probably also helps that I’ve been applying Louis Catorze’s bioenergetics tincture regularly, and that his new favourite place to sleep (including when we were away, according to the slightly hairy, cat-shaped indent in the duvet) is on our anti-allergy bed next to his bioenergetics pendant. This is where we’ve been wanting him to sleep for WEEKS.

So it seems that, in the space of 24 hours, our cat has become healthy, vocal and loving, AND he does as he’s told.

I’d better check again and make absolutely sure that it’s him …

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