Il m’aime, il ne m’aime pas 

Ok, so this is a rubbish photo, and I knew it would be rubbish because the blinds were shut, but I had to post it because I was just so thrilled to get some love.

When I returned from work yesterday I had the pleasure of a welcome home greeting, then Louis Catorze spent all evening on my lap watching Hollyoaks on On Demand (we’re a high-brow, classy bunch here at Le Palais), and then we had bedtime cuddles. In fact, when I woke up in the very early hours and realised that Louis Catorze wasn’t with me, I called for him (this would definitely NOT have been allowed had Cat Daddy been home), he came running, making a huge amount of thuddy-thuddy noise for a small cat, and he stayed with me until my alarm this morning.

Now, sadly, it’s a different story. I loaded up his syringe before going to work this morning so that it would be ready when I got home. Despite being thicker than a concrete milkshake, HE KNOWS THIS and isn’t budging from La Cage Aux Folles. At some point I will have to drag his arse out and get him, which will wipe out the last 24 glorious hours in a flash, but such is life with a sickly cat.

The vet has told me that I can ditch the pills and start giving Louis Catorze liquid Piriton instead, and apparently the human version bought at the chemist is perfectly acceptable; I just need to wait until she has confirmed the dose. And I’ve booked him in for a blood allergy test on Monday. At least I will have zero difficulty getting him into La Cage.

4 thoughts on “Il m’aime, il ne m’aime pas 

  1. So happy you had some quality time together. It makes the struggle bearable, although also it makes it harder in a way. You know that when he’s back on form, your relationship with him won’t have suffered. He still needs your love and seeks it. Toi et le Roi seront de nouveau les meilleurs amis!


    1. Thank you! I’m also fairly confident that our relationship won’t have suffered, but mainly because he has the memory span of a swatted gnat.

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  2. Hi, I just spent ages doing a comment and lost it as I was about to send it! So anyway I will now put it very briefly!

    I had a beautiful German Shepherd dog called Kimmy who had a skin problem that looks similar to Louis. She was misdiagnosed as having mange and at first had very inappropriate medication from a vet which unfortunately caused her to lose all her fur and she got irretrievably sick. I did eventually get her to see a consultant vet in Twickenham who immediately recognised she didn’t have mange and prescribed zinc supplements which improved her skin and fur immensely, and I used to use E45 to loosen off the dead skin and scabs which then allowed her fur to grow back. Sadly poor Kimmy went to doggy heaven aged just 14 months because of complications but her fur had started returning with the zinc tablets.

    I just thought you could run this by your vet and see if zinc may help Louis? Xxx


    1. Aw, your poor doggy! The vet has recommended replacing the Atopica with something else (more expensive, naturellement) but I’m going to wait for the allergy test result and see. If it turns out to be a nutritional deficiency the zinc could well come into play today. My gut still says dust mites (or maybe even dust mites AND something else). Je croise les doigts!


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