J’adore le papier toilette

Louis Catorze went AWOL the other day and, after a thorough search of Le Château, he was eventually found in a box of toilet rolls in the attic.

Cat Daddy: “Was it the box with just a couple of rolls left? Or the one with loads of rolls?” YES, THE NUMBER OF ROLLS IS THE ISSUE HERE.

(Incidentally, we haven’t been hoarding toilet rolls. We are not THOSE people. The huge boxes are what we received anyway in our standard online orders placed long before lockdown, as you will see from the photos of Catorze in this post: https://louiscatorze.com/2020/01/29/les-chiens-ont-des-maitres-les-chats-ont-des-serviteurs/)

Anyway, here is Catorze, choosing to spend a glorious summer’s day holed up in a dark and distinctly unclassy place. And, yes, the wording on the box is somewhat ironic given that cats’ arses are not nice things at all.

Apparently three beds with anti-allergy bedding, a winter igloo and a summer chaise longue are not sufficient.