La liberté et le whisky

We are in Scotland, and what a feeling it is not to wake up at 4am to the sound of screeching parakeets, all the while knowing that our cat is partly responsible for the cacophony. In fact, the only parakeets that we’ve seen have been taxidermied ones in the Kelvingrove Museum.

Cat Daddy: “Dead and stuffed. Just how I like them.”

The only cats we’ve seen were in the same museum:

Cat Daddy: “I can’t believe Louis is descended from that. What an absolute joke.”
A cat impinging on what is supposed to be a bird display. The only surprise is that it’s not a black cat.
Citizens of Glasgow: a bell ain’t gonna do shit. Don’t bother.

Later today, we hope to visit one of Cat Daddy’s favourite distilleries because he, Disco the Dog’s daddy and Cocoa the Babysit Cat’s daddy have decided to form a Rum and Whisky Club.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong there?

And their WhatsApp group is called, erm, High Spirits. I know. I KNOW.

Cat Daddy first fell in love with whisky years ago, when my mum bought him a bottle. He later told me, “It’s really kind of your mum, and I appreciate the thought, but I don’t like whisky.” But he drank it anyway, and now he can’t stop. So all this is partly her fault.

The Club was born during the first lockdown of 2021, on Burns Night, when we weren’t allowed to meet indoors, so the three gentlemen lined up their whisky bottles and glasses on the front wall outside and drank on the pavement. And, because it was so cold, they didn’t need any ice for their drinks. I have no idea whether The Club plans to alternate drinks by having rum at one session and whisky at the next, or both within the same session or even, dare I say it, both from the same glass. And, frankly, I daren’t even ask.

Now that lockdown is over, plans are afoot to kickstart The Club (this time in the comfort of each other’s houses, not standing in the street) and nobody is more delighted about this than Louis Catorze. The only thing better than a drunk, animal-loving, man fussing over him is SEVERAL drunk, animal-loving men fussing over him.

Luckily we are holidaying in the best place for Cat Daddy to taste-test various bottles samples of whisky. And, in Catorze’s mind, we imagine that Rum and Whisky Club looks just like this (taken last month), except with harder alcohol and more men:

Dreaming of boys.

19 thoughts on “La liberté et le whisky

  1. The Talisker whiskey distillery has a bronze statue of Towser, dearly departed mouser who dispatched more that 24,000 of them. Who was counting, I wonder?

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  2. Cat Daddy sounds like “un joyeux luron” as we say on this side of the Channel. Does he intend to have dead and stuffed parakeets during the session of the Rum and Whisky Club?

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  3. It seems Cat Daddy needs an extra whiskey shot to temper his sarcasm concerning cats and Louis…
    Have a great time and don’t forget to give Louis a call in the evening.

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  4. That sounds like a cool club. I think I would combine it with poker night. I lived next door to a Scottish man about 10 years ago. I could understand about 20 percent of what he said. For comparison, I can understand about 30 percent of German. My theory about cats killing birds is that it is not as dire as some make it out to be. First, carnivores kill the weakest, slowest, or dumbest, thus making the gene pool better. Second, a reduced population means more food for the ones left. More food means healthier. Healthier means they will have more babies. And the cycle continues.

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        1. Well, how about I let you know when they decide to meet, and you can drink some whisky or rum and cuddle a cat at the same time? It’ll be almost the same as being here. For extra Catorzian atmosphere, play the sound of an air raid siren on loop to mimic his screaming.

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  5. It is refreshing to see the Scots avians encourage feeding the birds – Over here the Audobon Society is on a mission to kill outdoor (?) cats.( Habitat destruction, of course, has no effect on bird populations…) And my outdoor few kill mice, moles, chipmunks and squirrels judging by the gifts they leave.
    In case you need to know, rum is generally a product of the Carribbean area, so another trip may be in the works !
    The two best pieces of advice I received in college were 1)memorize your Social Security Number and 2) pick one kind of liquor to drink and stick with it. I chose rum, which alternately brings sneers (as if it were seltzer water) and “Rum drinkers are crazy !” (which I take as a compliment, sort of.

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  6. Oh my whiskers, I wish humans would stop painting us felines as the leading causes for reduction in the bird population! Catorze, I think you need to go easy on the wine and The Human said to tell you that she discovered an appreciation for whiskey on her first trip to Ireland. Catorze, I hope things aren’t too difficult for you while your humans are away. Be sure to ignore them when they come home, drop hair in their suitcases and demand treats on an hourly basis as recompense for the horror you’ve had to live through while they were away.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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    1. Trust me, the little sod couldn’t give a hoot that we’re away. He is having a ball with his chat-sitteur (and he dropped hair in our suitcases even before we left!). 🐈‍⬛

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