J’adore la valériane

Louis Catorze has had his post-op follow-up and all appears to be going well, although he needed an antibiotic shot because his gum is still a little inflamed. This is most likely because he insists on leaving the softened Orijen pellets, and just eating the hard ones around the edges of his bowl which escape the water.

Since I have no idea how to make a cat who doesn’t like wet food eat wet food, I have been giving the little sod the one soft food that I know he will eat: Reflets de France tuna rillettes. I know that Cat Daddy won’t approve, but by the time he finds out I’ll already have done it, so he can’t do much about it.

We do have some good news: the little sod has started to use his new bed. However, comme d’habitude this is accompanied by bad news: it seems it’s actually a bath tub, not a bed.

Silly sod.

He has also rubbed his Gabapentin onto the bed and, of course, being cardboard, it has soaked up every drop. So now the bed has unsightly, meaty stains on it. (Yes, the Gabapentin smells of meat, for whatever reason.)

Bed is ruined. Bastard cat.

On a not-really-a-great-deal-better note: cats and valerian. Who knew? Well, ok, I knew, but I had completely forgotten until I was woken at 3am by Catorze playing with the opened blister pack on my bedside table. The little sod then flicked it under the bed and had a fine old time trying to grab it among the shoes, boxes and old gym bags, which meant no more sleep for me until one or other of us had successfully retrieved it.

Sharing a house with Catorze means that calm and sleep are distinctly lacking, hence why I use valerian. It smells pretty foul to us humans – in fact, I once put some into my shopping basket whilst in a health food shop and spent the rest of my shopping trip checking under my shoes because I thought I’d stepped in something unpleasant – but it is the crystal meth of the cat world. The little sods go nuts for it.

Obviously it would have suited me better had Catorze decided to play around with my valerian blister pack during the day instead of at 3am. But then he has never done what we want him to do, when we want him to do it, and I don’t suppose he’s about to start now.

I have now switched to a brand of sleeping aid that comes in a glass jar with an aluminium lid, so Catorze can no longer smell the herb through the packaging. Restful sleep shall be mine once more.

Well, as restful as it can be when you’re living with this horror show:

I can’t get no sleep …

18 thoughts on “J’adore la valériane

  1. I had a cat that preferred dry kibble to wet. She always ate the dry stuff (that belonged to the other cats) after her dental procedures then pawed at her mouth to get the bits out of her incision. Cats be cats.

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    1. Oh my, I hope no bits get stuck! That would be terrible. He is going back to the vet again on Monday for the vaccinations that they couldn’t do alongside the antibiotic shot, so I’ll get them to have a good look!

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  2. Since his new bed is a scratcher, don’t worry about the stains – ideally (?) he would be shredding it anyway, right ? Pet-Tinic, an iron-type supplement (for felines, canines, equines…) smells like gravy. A lot like gravy…Valerian is often described as smelling “like feet. Maybe try silvervine ?

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    1. It’s not Catorze in the picture. It’s his big brother Luther, looking down on us all and, no doubt, laughing. 🤣🤣🤣

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        1. Oh, he was magnificent. Intelligent, healthy, beautiful, everything Le Roi isn’t. They do say that your previous cat has a hand in sending the next one, so I wouldn’t mind a word with Luther to ask him what the hell he was thinking. 🤣🤣🤣

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  3. Mais bien sûr! His bed needed the Catorze Touch, odiferous as it may be to Sa Majs’ staff. As for kitty crack fueled night time romps, methinks thou dost protest too much, seeing as you are his “dealer”, n’est-ce pas? 😼

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