Les dents du Roi

Louis Catorze is due to have his tooth extraction today.

I don’t feel great about this. I am an anxious person by nature and I am particularly anxious when it comes to his health issues, which just seem to keep coming (although, to be fair, we were warned about this). And this week is my first full week of the new school year, so the timing really couldn’t be worse.

Catorze is also ageing faster than Dorian Gray’s portrait. His white hairs are becoming more and more numerous and, when we compare him to pictures from two or three years ago, the difference is startling. The fact that he’s an old man with the constitution of a swatted gnat doesn’t make him an ideal candidate for surgery, regardless of how common the procedure.

As ever, the one positive in this situation is the fact that he doesn’t appear to know or care that he’s not well. He is still carrying on with life as he did before, and loving every bit of it. If his health were half as robust as his sass, I know that he would get through the surgery with no problem whatsoever.

Please keep your fingers crossed for the little sod. Cat Daddy and I will be awaiting his return with ample Orijen (and water to dampen it).

Old man white hairs … plus a scratched nose and a chipped ear, most likely from scrapping with Goliath.

33 thoughts on “Les dents du Roi

  1. We are sending LeRoi purrayers and Power of the Paw for a good outcome of his dental work. Did he have some bloodwork done earlier ? That’s usually to assure that he will be ok for the anesthesia .

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    1. Yes, he had some and was apparently normal, which is hilarious. Thank you for your good wishes! He is currently sitting by his water glass looking utterly bewildered about why it’s empty and why I am doing nothing to refill it.


  2. our black cat Smidgen, and her tuxedo successor Xenia had white hairs show up on the chest and chin relatively early. It may not be as bad as you suspect. May the little brat live a long and irritating life!

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    1. Merci! Cat Daddy is taking him over this morning, and then we collect him in the evening when, no doubt, he will be back to his usual annoying self.


  3. You’ve been writing about LeRoi for 6 years or so? You never fail to have me admiring your narratives and your photography keeps getting better and better. What a magnificent countenance on him with this post. I hope he has a great and short recovery.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, 6 years although sometimes he makes it feel like longer. 🤣🤣🤣 He’s been an utter pest all night, annoying me constantly because he’s hungry but he has to be nil by mouth.

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      1. omg they didn’t accidentally cut his vocal chords somehow when they took his tooth out did they? :O (I know that’s not likely, he’s probably just in shock that you would have the AUDACITY to steal his TOOTH)

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          1. What the heck did you do that for?! You’re doomed now! Better sleep with both eyes open, and put some eyes in the back of your head for good measure! (I’m guessing it was an accident, but you’re still doomed.)

            I’m glad his vocal chords weren’t cut, accidentally or on purpose. I realise you’d probably be grateful for less screaming, but I’m sure his voice is useful for… something…?

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            1. I was trying to take his bandage off, and it won’t budge. I’m going to have to take him back to the vet and ask them to do it. Quite honestly I could do without that this morning!

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            2. Oh, dear. Yes, I imagine another trip to the vet will be annoying/stressful/all of the above. :/ Can you soak it and try again before you commit to said trip? (I’m kind of snortiggling as I say this because Le Roi, but I remember my socks gluing to my feet when I got massive bloody blisters on my heels (years and years and years ago) and standing in the bath was the only way to get them off without ripping the rest of my heels off.)

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            3. It won’t be soaked or cut. Catorze just isn’t having it. 😩😩😩 Oh my, how did your socks actually stick to your feet? That sounds awful!

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            4. Well, my sister and I went on a weekend hike as part of the Duke of Edinburgh challenge thing when we were with the Air Cadets. I don’t remember if we did the other parts of the challenge, but I really enjoyed the hike except… yeah. Massive blisters that wound up bleeding, except the blood had dried by the time we got home and I could take my socks off. 🤷‍♀️

              Also, I’m something of a wimp so maybe someone else would have just ripped ’em right off and damn the consequences, but I’m kind of attached to my skin, you know?

              Sorry you have to go to the vet again. 😦 I wish I had another suggestion for you short of whacking His Maj over the head and soaking it off while he’s unconscious. If he was a more laidback cat, I’d suggest waiting until he’s taking a nap, but if he were a more laidback cat, you wouldn’t be in this pickle. :/

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  4. Hope he’s home by now and in good spirits. My cats are all different after a dental. Some are back to normal and some seem to have to sleep off the anesthesia. I’m sure he’ll be hungry.

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