Mon lit, c’est ma drogue

I have unleashed the special party herbs and, although I was warned that the stuff sold with cat beds isn’t usually top-notch gear, Louis Catorze didn’t care.

The good news is that he now knows that his new bed exists.

The bad news is that he still hasn’t slept on it. In fact, he sees it very much as a place to get high, not to sleep. Right now he’s saucer-eyed and manic, and I don’t imagine either of us will be sleeping much tonight.

This is just the start of what happens when you give mood-enhancing drugs to a cat whose mood doesn’t need enhancing:


19 thoughts on “Mon lit, c’est ma drogue

  1. Just be patient. Let me tell you an emotional story. I had bought a very expensive cat bed for Mr. Bowie. He didn’t won’t to sleep in it, for more than a year. When I came home the day my brother passed away Mr. Bowie looked at me and lay down in that cat bed. From that day he used it every day. Guess he felt my pain and sorrow.

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  2. I bought one of those back before Dougy died, and he and Andy didn’t need any enticements to use the new kitty lounger (exactly like the one you got for Louis Catorze) because both wanted it for their exclusive use. It got so bad – the kitty squabbles between the brothers – that I bought a second one so both had an exclusive kitty lounger. You know how that went! Both still wanted the same lounger, though the squabbles were shorter since they usually sorted out there was that second lounger for the “loser” of the squabble. Andy is in kitty heaven on earth now that he can have both kitty loungers at will.

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    1. They would actually fight over it? Even when you bought a second? Oh my! 🤣🤣🤣 Did they sleep on it before scratching it, or vice versa, or both at around the same time?


      1. Yes, and they generally were good with each other – brothers from the same litter…. They’d scratch it first, then stretch out on it to sleep or lounge. To this day, though, when Andy uses the one by the door into the guest bedroom (where Dougy spent a lot of his time), he looks warily through the door to make sure no brother’s coming to bop him and chase hiom off the lounger!l

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  3. I’m sure that if you sat on it, or ate on it, or use it as a footrest, and just pretended it’s yours, he would want it! The problem is that you TOLD him it was for him. You know very well that cats only want what they CAN’T have 😀
    PS. He’s so gorgeous!!!!!!

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    1. Oh, you’re absolutely right. Anything that belongs to someone else gives it instant allure as far as he’s concerned. 🙄


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