Louis Catorze is creeping me out.

I am home alone with him right now because Cat Daddy has gone out, and I can hear the sound of the little sod thundering around on our wooden floorboards.

I am certain that Le Roi has company but that’s not the worst part of this. After all, I have dealt with snails, rats (both curly- and straight-haired) and mice, a multitude of times, and a bird once. What’s terrifying is the fact that both he and his mystery guest appear to know when I’m coming and can maintain silence and statue-stillness in an instant.

I have tried creeping up quietly on him/them but it makes no difference; every time I look, I am met with this:

Nothing to see here.

Then, when I turn my back, the thundering restarts. And, once again, when I take a look, Catorze is the picture of sweet innocence and there is no sign of anyone else:

Still nothing to see here.

I am desperate for Cat Daddy to come home but I know that, when he does, Catorze will stop all this and behave like a normal cat. And we’re not even close to a full moon so we don’t even have those extenuating circumstances.

Heaven help us all (but mainly me).

28 thoughts on “Insidieux

  1. You know…I really think Catorze is a reincarnation and the reincarnator selected you for what was his previous natural ignominious state which has continued now and anon for you to endure. You are the best cat mama in the world, a shame there isn’t really a heaven.

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  2. Have you already investigated the lead of an imaginary friend?
    Louis might be toying with him when you hear him thundering.

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  3. You should be grateful that he’s keeping you and the house safe while Cat Daddy’s away! He’s fighting invaders (rats, snails, dragons, etc.) and hides them from you when you’re looking so that you’re not too traumatized!

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  4. Do we really have `normal` cats 😹😹😹 Cats are one species that conquered us in our own houses and sling us around for fun.

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