Les premiers jours de Disco

Mesdames et Messieurs, this is Disco, the new addition to the Dog Family’s household:

Sweet boy.

He is every bit as cuddly as he looks. And, when we got home from meeting him, Louis Catorze sniffed me and gave the same look that he gives when things smell vetty: https://louiscatorze.com/2021/04/20/lalpha-et-lomega/

Naturellement the Dog Family are overjoyed to have Disco join them, especially Dog Sister who finally gets to be a BIG sister. We used to tease her about having to respect her elders and do what they say (because Oscar was older). However, she remains younger than Catorze so there is still some mileage in that.

Curiously, the day before Disco’s arrival, it was as if the feline contingent knew something was afoot. Donnie swung by after several days’ absence to make an urgent and loud announcement to Catorze, after which the chats noirs held an emergency COBRA* meeting in Le Jardin.

*Cats On Bumper Red Alert

“The age of a new foe is nigh, mon gars. We must assemble our armée.”

On Disco Day itself, Sa Maj popped next door to, erm, welcome his new neighbour. We didn’t witness the encounter for ourselves, but we had to stand there squirming with shame whilst the Dog Family – who DID witness it – told us all about it.

Not only were there raised hackles and glaring on Catorze’s part, but there was also a demonic Hallowe’en-cat yowl (not very gentlemanly given that he was the one who was trespassing). Then the Dog Family watched him snake along the fence into our garden and come in through the newly-secured and impinger-impenetrable Sureflap, so I couldn’t even pretend that it might have been Donnie.

Oh dear.

I hope that, once Disco has settled in, he and Catorze might eventually become friends. But I fear that Oscar may have left Roi-specific instructions on invisible Post-It notes for his little brother, saying, “Bark first, ask questions later.”

24 thoughts on “Les premiers jours de Disco

    1. Le Roi and Disco have since looked at each other over the fence (each one being held up by a human) but I can’t say that there’s progress yet. Disco has largely ignored, whereas Le Roi has screamed and screamed. 😬

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    1. He’s a Cavapoo so I don’t think he will ever be really large. He’s larger than Le Roi, but then most guinea pigs and hamsters are larger than Le Roi. 🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Welcome Disco…Let’s hope this wasn’t the conversation: Catorze: “What fresh hell is this?” 🙀 Donnie: “Let’s make him an offer he can’t refuse!” Catorze: “Take the leash. Leave the catnip.”

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  2. Disco looks really cute, but I’m with Sa Maj, I prefer cats 😀 Yesterday a lady came to visit my apartment and she had the tiniest dog, which she kept in her arms the whole time (but he kept whining), but she got close to Miss Penny who looked terrified. Miss Penny then peed outside of her litter box, which she only does when she’s really stressed or scared, poor baby! Some cats are meant to remain kings and queens of their kingdoms and not be bothered by other weird creatures 🙂

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    1. Poor Miss Penny! I guess if she is an indoor cat she has relatively little contact with other weird creatures? Sa Maj, however, is one of the other weird creatures. He’s had foxes run away from him before!

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