La vengeance de l’écureuil

Merde, merde and thrice merde: it really is kicking off at Le Château right now.

Earlier this week, Cat Daddy found this object (below, with a 5p coin for scale) whilst sweeping up the leaves at The Front. He thought it was a piece of faux fur from someone’s coat, but a few enquiries among my cat freak friends seem to suggest that it’s … a squirrel’s tail.

It’s all going a bit Godfather here in TW8.

Now, although squirrels can apparently lose their tails during combat, I highly doubt that Louis Catorze could ever be fast enough to catch one. But what a coincidence that we found the tail 24 hours after we glimpsed him howling, growling and swishing his puffy tail at an unknown adversary at The Front.

And, on the day of our grim discovery, we noticed that his left eye was looking sore and scratched. Our theories are as follows:

1. He is allergic to the merino wool scarf that I made recently (unlikely as I finished it and gave it to the recipient three weeks ago, plus Catorze was barely even in the HOUSE when I was knitting it, let alone in the room)

2. He has come into contact with some noxious matter outside which has irritated him (highly likely for the reason given above, i .e. he is constantly outdoors)

3. Cat Daddy’s theory: a squirrel took offence at having its tail lopped off by Catorze and punched him in the face (also highly likely, not to mention shameful on many levels)

I gave Sa Maj a steroid pill (left over from his course in the spring) the day we discovered the problem, just in case it was option 1 or option 2, and it seems to be preventing things from deteriorating. I would never normally advocate giving medication without consulting the vet first, of course, but the soonest available appointment is on Monday morning and I know from bitter experience how Catorze’s condition can turn from concerning to utterly catastrophic in an instant. Trust me, had you seen the worst photos from February and March (unpublished on here and unseen by all but a strong-stomached few), you would want to pill him too.

Worse yet, this afternoon I am heading over to the south coast for my annual Halloweekend celebration with my sister, so I won’t be around if things turn bad. I am aghast at Catorze’s timing yet, at the same time, he has previous in this department so it wouldn’t surprise me if he had planned it all just to spite me and to get extra love from Cat Daddy during their lads’ weekend together.

Please keep your fingers crossed that we won’t have to deploy Le dreaded Cône. Not now. Not in the run-up to Full Moon Hallowe’en.

20 thoughts on “La vengeance de l’écureuil

  1. Safe travels! Have fun at the Halloweekend. And best wishes to the CD and Catorze with the hope that you don’t arrive back to broken furniture and all the artwork fallen to the floor.

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    1. Thank you! I was very worried that Halloweekend wouldn’t happen at all, but luckily it’s still on! 🎃


  2. Oh dear ! Well, it is possible that the squirrel scratched Catorze’s eye…or some other animal did…or he got hit by a branch or something- even a long blade of grass. The steroid pill was a good preventative, probably as long as he has had it before. ( But – see what steroids are doing to Dear Leader over here ??) Will Cat Daddy still be home with him while you are swanning off for Howloween ?

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    1. Yes, Cat Daddy will be in charge whilst I’m away. Catorze’s wound seems to be healing so I think we’ve stopped it from getting worse, but he’s still going to the vet on Monday.


    1. They’re very hard to catch! Hence why I’m not fully convinced that Catorze would be capable.


  3. I apologize for sounding gruesome but I really want to believe it’s part of a Halloween prop or faux hair piece if no dried blood on it 😟 I would think that a squirrel would bite, not scratch? I hope Sa Maj heals quickly and that you enjoy your weekend 🎃

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