Exclu du ciel trop longtemps

Someone is not happy that we are continuing to shut him out of the bedrooms during the day. Even though he has his igloo and a perfectly good selection of clean fluffy blankets and cushions downstairs.

Cat Daddy, referring to the mid-scream moment when this picture was taken: “He was absolutely manic. Totally bloody psycho. I was actually scared.”

Louis Catorze is prowling angrily around the landing right now as I write, no doubt waiting for some unsuspecting sucker to open a door so that he can dart in and dive straight under the bed. But we can’t give into his campaign of bullying and intimidation. We have to stay strong until bedtime, when he is distracted by the fact that we are there and appears to forget about the allure of the underneath part of the bed.

It looks as if he might need another steroid shot this week, as the silly sod has scratched himself and drawn blood again. Cat Daddy fears that we will have to deploy Le Cône, which we all hate and which is truly the papa of last resorts. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that …

Ouvrez la fichue porte!

14 thoughts on “Exclu du ciel trop longtemps

    1. Oh my: he has had his fair share of Cône time in the past, so much so that when I type the word Cône it defaults to the French spelling (as it did just then, twice). Yes, I’ve written it THAT many times! If you are very bored one day and have time to look back through Le Blog from around November 2016 onwards, you will find the whole sorry saga …

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  1. Aw poor boy. Hope the vet visit goes well and the steroid sorts him out.

    I have several sets of industrial grade ear defenders if you want them.

    I’m also going to take Madame Rattly Ear to the vet. Her ear polyp is starting to bother her. 😿

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