Rouler par terre

I often read about other cats and their humans’ struggle to administer the flea medication, and I am usually lucky with my boy because he’s too daft to see it coming.

However, Louis Catorze has found a breathtakingly annoying way of getting his own back: once he’s been splurged with the stinky, sticky fluid, he races upstairs and rolls it off onto our clothes and/or sheets.

If we shut all internal doors, and if it’s dry outside, he races outside and rolls it off onto our patio. The rolling not only smears our patio with ugly, oily marks, but the dirt sticks to his damp fur … and then he pitter-patters back indoors and rolls off the revolting grease-dirt combo onto our clothes and/or sheets.

This picture sums up both the horror of it all and the ambivalence of the little sod.


And, sadly, short of putting him in a box for 24 hours following his treatment, I see no solution to the problem. How do you deal with your furry overlords and flea treatment? Right now I’m quite envious of anyone whose cat flees to an unknown outdoor location and remains there until dusk (by which time the fur is dry).

5 thoughts on “Rouler par terre

  1. First time administering to Molly the Mauler was relatively un-dramatic until the little sod managed to lick some of it, thus trickering a puffy-faced (her) panicky (me) rush to the vets on the bus. Not ideal.

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    1. Oh my! How serious is it if they manage to lick it? I had assumed not that bad – after all, most of them would give it a go & some would succeed – but maybe I’m wrong? 😳


  2. When we liven in Dallas, and had lots of fleas in our back yard spring, summer and fall, we went with an ecological pest control company. They sprayed the back yard with garlic granules mixed in with a citrus solution…all the fleas went to the neighbor’s yards. Prior to that we had a vet ‘script for topical application, and just a dab was put on the back base of her neck since fleas travel to the eyes to get a drink…or so said the vet. It was oily, but localized and didn’t cause a mess.

    I love this pic of Catorze. 🙂

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